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Every vehicle, no matter how reliable, will eventually require a service or repair in some form or fashion. From routine oil changes and brake jobs, to tire rotations, alignments, and outright parts replacements, bringing your vehicle to Mohegan Lake Volkswagen is one of the best decisions you can make for your vehicle. 

Expert Service Technicians

As a Volkswagen dealership serving Wappingers Falls, our team of technicians is specially-trained on what it takes to keep a Volkswagen on the road for years if not decades. By utilizing the latest technology, receiving regular factory training and updates, and taking advantage of our deep library of genuine Volkswagen parts, we ensure that every Volkswagen that comes to us for a service or repair is given the best possible solution. We want you to feel confident that not only will your Volkswagen be repaired properly, but that our work is worry-free from then on. 

Oil Changes 

Perhaps the most important routine maintenance that any Yorktown Heights driver can provide for their vehicle is an oil change. Engine oil degrades as it is heated repeatedly, and while your air filter and oil filter do a good job, none are 100 percent effective at preventing and removing dust and dirt in your engine. Those particles can lead to a clogging of critical passageways within your engine that slow or even stop oil flow from reaching certain areas. This leaves your engine unprotected and in serious danger of premature wear or outright breakdown. Having your oil and filter changed regularly can help to keep your engine properly lubricated and protect critical engine parts for longer. This not only saves you the headache of an unexpected breakdown, but it will also help maintain fuel economy and horsepower even as your vehicle ages. 

Brake Services 

The nightmare of not being able to stop your vehicle is one that no White Plains driver wants to face. While you will generally know in advance when your brakes are losing effectiveness, having the system inspected along with your regular oil change is always a good idea. Most drivers know that pads and rotors can wear over time, but salted roads can also lead to rusted brake lines, while oil can break down rubber lines. Having these critical components inspected from time to time is a good way to ensure you're staying ahead of any potential problems. 

Tires and Suspension 

If all is as it should be, your tires are the only part of your vehicle that actually touch the road. As such its important to know that they are in good condition, and that they're appropriate for the season. Winter tires are too soft for the warmth of winter, and therefore premature wear and unpredictable handling may result. Similarly, summer tires are far too hard, and have far too little tread to properly handle slippery winter conditions. 

Your alignment is also important to stable handling and proper tire wear. A misaligned vehicle will often show uneven wear on the tires, and can often manifest in a vibration or pulling to one side or the other. With road conditions being what they are, it isn't difficult to imagine your vehicle being out of alignment if it hasn't recently been checked. Bringing it to our Mohegan Lake Volkswagen service center for an alignment service and tire rotation will ensure that your vehicle handles as well as it should in all scenarios. 

Genuine Parts 

Genuine Volkswagen parts are the only way to guarantee the proper fitment and performance of your replacement or repair job. While inexpensive parts may be more attractive in the short term, genuine Volkswagen parts come with a factory guarantee of quality, so you can carry on with peace of mind. 

Visit Our Volkswagen Service Center! 

If you are in need of a routine service, or think you may need a repair, visit our Mohegan Lake Volkswagen service center today!

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