Volkswagen Lease Center in Mohegan Lake

Leasing a VW: Get more cash flowing in your direction

Have you been thinking about getting a new Volkswagen but you're not sure how to finance it? Have you heard about leasing but aren't sure exactly how it works? We understand. At Mohegan Lake Volkswagen in Mohegan Lake, NY, the friendly experts in our lease center are very good at clearly explaining the differences between a car loan and a lease, and then helping people get a lease when it makes sense for them.

What are the advantages of Volkswagen leasing?

The key benefit of Volkswagen Tiguan or Volkswagen Atlas leasing is that you get more positive cash flow. In other words, your monthly lease payment will be less than what you'd pay with a loan for the same vehicle. That gives our customers in White Plains and Yorktown Heights, NY more cash every month to pay for other things like groceries, clothes, or whatever they need. At a time when everything seems to cost more, that can help.

Who is leasing good for?

With Volkswagen Taos leasing - or leasing any other new VW - the leasing approach appeals to people who need to have a little more cash available in their budget every month. It's also appealing to drivers in nearby communities like Peekskill, NY who appreciate getting a new Volkswagen every few years, with all the latest VW features. 

What's the difference between a car loan and a lease?

A car loan is the most common way of getting a new VW paid for. It simply means that a lender (like a bank) loans you enough to pay for the car, and then you pay the loan back with equal payments every month. When you lease a Volkswagen, it's like renting it. You aren't actually buying the car, you're making monthly payments for the privilege of driving that VW for a certain period of time - usually 36 months. After that, you return the car to us.   

What happens at the end of my Volkswagen lease?

At lease end, you simply bring your Volkswagen back to our dealership, pay for any excess damage or any miles you drove above the contractual limit, and you're done. You don't have to worry about selling that vehicle because you don't own it, so we'll take care of selling it. You can then start a new lease or buy your next VW.

Do you have any Volkswagen lease specials or leasing deals?

Yes, we often do. Just check our website under the "Specials" tab for "New Lease Specials." Our new Volkswagen specials will rotate so it's a good idea to check our specials often if you're thinking about leasing a VW.

We can answer any questions about our low payment vehicles 

Whether you live in Rockland County or Westchester County, NY, you can learn more with our leasing FAQs. Find out how to create better cash flow every month with Volkswagen Jetta or ID.4 leasing - or a lease for any new 2022 VW. Talk to the experts in our lease center at Mohegan Lake Volkswagen in Mohegan Lake, NY.