How Does Leasing in Mohegan Lake Work?

If you have never leased a car, we here at Mohegan Lake Volkswagen are here to help you every step of the way. When you lease a Volkswagen, you are going to pay for the depreciation that occurs over the term of the lease, the interest, and fees. Remember, when your lease term comes to an end, you will return the vehicle to us. From there, you can lease the new Volkswagen car, hatchback, or SUV of your choice.

Leasing a car near Wappingers Falls and buying a car involves similar steps:

First, you will want to set a budget. It's important to determine exactly how much you would like to spend before you start the leasing process. You'll also want to think about insurance costs and how much you'll need to spend in fuel.

Next, you will want to select a vehicle that fits your current lifestyle and needs. Do you have a family or plan on starting one soon? You may want to consider leasing one of our Volkswagen SUVs. If cargo and passenger space aren't main concerns for you, you may consider one of our Volkswagen sedans for your travels around Yorktown Heights.

You will also want to think about what to do with your trade-in. It's important to know how much your vehicle is worth. The good news is, you can find this information right here on our website by completing our online form.

Once you find a vehicle you like, our finance professionals will walk you through the rest of the leasing process near White Plains. This involves taking care of any paperwork to finalize the deal and handing you the keys to your new ride!

Learn More About Financing or Leasing a New VW 

When it comes to treating yourself to a new Volkswagen, you've got quite a few decisions to make. Fortunately, our team is here to walk you through the process. Not only we will help you to choose a vehicle that perfectly complements your lifestyle, but we'll also help you to determine whether financing or leasing that dream car of yours is the best option for you and your lifestyle. To learn more about the advantages of each, read on below:

The Advantages of Leasing a New Volkswagen

  • Enjoy Lower Payments: When you lease a new Volkswagen in Mohegan Lake, you'll enjoy lower monthly payments than if you had decided to finance.
  • Treat Yourself to a New Car Every Few Years: At the end of your lease term, you'll have to option to turn your Volkswagen in for a new one. For those that like keeping up on the latest in trends and features, this makes leasing a very attractive option.
  • Structure a Leasing Program to Fit Your Needs: With flexible leasing terms available, you'll be able to structure your lease to fit within your driving needs.

The Advantages of Financing a New Volkswagen

  • You'll Own the Vehicle:When you finance a new Volkswagen, you won't have to worry about mileage limits or lease terms because you'll own the vehicle.
  • Wear and Use: Another perk to financing is that you won't have to stress over the typical wear and use that a new car faces.
  • Increased Flexibility: When you finance a vehicle, you'll have the freedom sell it anytime you please.

If you would like to learn more about the advantages of financing or leasing a new Volkswagen, we invite you to stop in to the Mohegan Lake Volkswagen showroom today. Conveniently located in Mohegan Lake, NY, we look forward to welcoming you in to our showroom soon.


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