Explore The Security And Service Side Of VW Car-Net®

VW Car-Net® helps to keep you connected, informed, and secure, even if you're not actually in your Volkswagen vehicle. It offers three different services, App-Connect, Guide & Inform, and Security & Service, with all three begin helpful in different ways. The one that we're going to focus on, though, is Security & Safety. Watch the video below to see one of the many ways VW Car-Net® can help you relax, knowing your VW will be taken care of.

  • Remote Access

    As you can see, one of the benefits of having VW Car-Net® is being able to remotely access your Volkswagen. You can not only lock/unlock your vehicle, like it shows in the video, but you can also honk your horn, flash your lights, find your last parked location, send a location to your in-vehicle navigation, check your vehicle's status, and much more. If you have an e-Golf, you will also have the chance to manage your charging remotely and can make your e-Golf the temperature that you want before you even get inside.

    As far as maintenance goes, each VW Car-Net® vehicle provides you with Diagnostic Health Reports, which allow you to check up on your vehicle's maintenance information, is able to find a dealer that can service your vehicle, and can help you schedule a service center visit, if one is required.

  • Assistance

    VW Car-Net® wants to keep your vehicle safe and, with the available speed, curfew, valet, and boundary alerts, it will do just that. Let's say your teen driver wants to take your Jetta to their friend's house. You can set a boundary of where they can drive and, if they decide to break the rules, it will alert you that the boundary parameters have been exceeded. This is also helpful if the valet goes over a set boundary or your vehicle has been stolen. You can also set a speed limit. You don't want your teen to go above 65? If they do, you will be notified.

    There is also the Safe & Secure features that are in place to help you if something happens when you're behind the wheel. As soon as you are involved in a crash the Automatic Crash Notification will alert VW agents who can contact emergency assistance. You can also perform a Manual Emergency Call to get Roadside Assistance to you right away and, if your vehicle is taken, the Stolen Vehicle Location Assistance comes in quite handy.

If you'd like to see which Volkswagen models can include the VW Car-Net® program or you're interested in what other features VW Car-Net® comes with, feel free to contact our Mohegan Lake Volkswagen dealership, or taking the short drive to our Mohegan Lake, NY, dealership. Your life will never be the same when VW Car-New® is on your side.

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