Recover From Winter With These Spring Car Care Tips

Nights are getting shorter; days are getting longer.

Spring has arrived!

With the frost of winter behind us, it's time to take stock of our vehicles. Because winter weather can be so rough on cars, it's a good idea to run through some basic maintenance when the flowers start blooming. Here is a short list of our recommended springtime car care tasks:

1. Wash Your Vehicle

The simplest task on this list can also be one of the most beneficial. Grime, salt, and other undesirable materials can coat your vehicle during winter, causing potential paint damage and rust. When the weather improves, visit a car wash or bring out the soap and hose as soon as possible to knock off the winter gunk and keep your car, truck, or SUV looking sharp.

2. Get Your Alignment Fixed

The endless cycle of freezing and thawing causes street pavement to expand and contract. Over time this can create a driver's worst enemy: potholes. Slamming into potholes all winter can knock your vehicle out of alignment, affecting handling and efficiency. Your technician can check and correct alignment.

3. Change Fluids

All of your vehicle's fluids need periodic changing. Running your car on old fluids can hamper performance or, at worst, damage parts. Whether it's oil, transmission fluid, or coolant, it's always a good call to either change or top off your car's fluids at the beginning of a new season.

4. Charge Air Conditioning

Nothing is worse than sitting in a hot car and getting nothing but hot air from the AC. Refrigerant can leak from a car's AC system over time, diminishing its ability to produce cool air. Before the temperatures get too hot, visit a service shop to have your car's AC recharged!

You can repair your car from winter and prepare it for summer at the service centerof Mohegan Lake Volkswagen. schedule your visit online today.

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